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Yellow Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Dallas

A Yellow Belt Training and Certification is the best option for those students and business professionals who are just starting in this world as it includes the basics, still great value, and less time to be invested. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Dallas High School Students of Texas, our team provides proper training within all the hours required and once finished, you can opt for the exam to get certified right after.

In case you are not familiar with LSS so far and question what a belt is, a belt corresponds to a Six Sigma level. 

A Yellow Belt is the first level for professionals and students that focuses on terminology, structure, leadership, productivity, and all the methodology essentials plus some additional so you can work on large-scale projects once done.

Although it is not required or more like a mandatory training level, it is essential to learn Six Sigma’s concepts and basics and be properly introduced to it to grow and advance in the methodology. As professionals, we highly recommend focusing on this certification before jumping to a green belt, especially in the case of students looking to expand their knowledge and add more tools.

High and college students are often introduced to this belt because they can quickly adapt to Sigma. They will not feel pressured to upgrade to the next belt before they are capable of learning anything, as the next one will be more technical and problem-solving.

For beginners, it is better to focus on the principles and develop their skills while also working on personal growth.

We encourage professionals and students to get started with our Yellow Belt. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and is easy once you have scaled up.

Why Choose a Yellow Belt Training & Certification?

This level allows students the opportunity to improve their process, understand their responsibilities, collaborate with others, and learn how to work around teams. For companies and their professionals under pressure, it could be a great start instead of jumping right in for action.

Six Sigma is a way to help students in their future careers and personal development while helping professionals advance and be more prepared for their designated tasks and roles.

Also, unlike what many believe, yellow belt training doesn’t aim for “basic” skills and personal growth. Instead, business professionals and students alike will be able to learn the principles and fundamentals of Six Sigma and Lean, which are the two methods that created LSS or are included in one. This will help scale their knowledge and establish a great foundation for future tasks and if they desire to take the next level and training.

The Five Phases of Six Sigma DMAIC are explained and taught so that individuals are familiarized with the concepts and learn how to use them for their current lives as students or for their work processes and procedures.

High school students and anyone else who took part in the training should be able to join a team to manage projects and improve their performance, regardless of industry or field, seek improvement, and eliminate all waste established by LSS.

Credits are also available for students upon graduation, and college applications will be much better for high school students when adding 6 Sigma to their curriculums.

How Long Does It Take to Get Certified?

LSS is a time-consuming method that requires dedication and patience, but this does not mean you have to sacrifice other projects and activities.

The company, experts, and programs will all be different and make your life easier or not when taking the training. Some will spend the necessary hours giving certification and ensuring you have received training.

We have created a program that isn’t time-consuming. This will allow college students and business professionals who are busy to devote the time necessary to complete the task while high school students won’t risk their grades.

Our yellow belt course can be completed in approximately 12 hours. You can do it in as little as a week or two weeks at most—though this is not a limitation.

We allow you to set your own schedule with our team and how many hours you wish to spend each day. We do our best to complete it in 7-10 days, so professionals and students can be certified quickly.

After you’ve completed the course, you can apply for your yellow belt certification. This will be awarded once you have finished the exam required for it.

Should You Add a Yellow Belt Certification to Your Curriculum?

100%. You will not only be able to include this certification in your business curriculum as a student when applying for new jobs before graduation, but you will also be working towards your professional and personal growth. 

Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Dallas

It has been proven that any LSS training and certification will increase your chances of working with companies and help you create your own path, regardless of your industry.

LSS is often interpreted as a tool for manufacturing professionals. It is important to remember that the methodology helps you develop and grow new skills, so don’t consider it a side method that only works for companies.

We can assure you that it is well worth the time and money. Our team will make sure you are happy, trained, and certified at the end. Contact us today to get more information.